Achieve 360

A Global Perspective

Sixth grade through high school graduation can feel like a mad jumble.  It’s hard to step back and gain perspective on life and school, the past and future, fears and hopes. Enter Achieve 360, a philosophical approach that looks at students as more than an algorithm of numbers, grades and line items on a resume.

We’ve been there. We’ve seen it and we get it.  Sports, family, social circles and life in general can often conflict with high achievement and overall well-being. At Achieve, we look at the whole picture, examining our students from all angles.  We evaluate school dynamics, student attitudes, time commitments, workload, abilities, stresses, passions and individual differences to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it will take for our students to exceed their potential.  We then apply what we know and create an overall plan of action.

Achieve 360 is our way of insuring that the essence of who you are as a person doesn’t not get lost in the process of high school acceptance, grades, standardized tests, college applications and matriculation.