College Path

Making The Road Shorter and Straighter

available for: Math through AP Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, SAT II MathSome of our Achieve students have their college list by the time they start high school. Others have no idea where they want to go until the fall of senior year. Either way, all of our students have academic excellence in their future and acceptance to an exceptional college on the horizon. But the path can be tricky and filled with anxiety. We are often asked, “What’s the best way to guarantee you’ll get into the college of your dreams?” The easy answer, “Have mommy and daddy donate a library.”

For those who don’t have 30 million dollars to spare, the path to college is a more complicated, challenging process that generates a lot of questions. And this path starts earlier than you might guess. Public or private middle school? High school? Which classes should I consider? How many APs and honors courses? What activities should I commit to? Which tests should I take and when? What makes a great application essay? How important are extra curricular activities? As it becomes increasingly more difficult to get into a good college, making the right choices is more important than ever.

At Achieve, we help students and parents through these critical decisions defining a road map to college specific to each individual student, their skills, their interests, their passions and their dreams. We straighten the curves in the winding road, and create a simple, straightforward plan of action. We’ll work directly with your high school counselor or other educational consultant to make sure everyone is on the headed in the same direction.