“We have worked with Achieve Tutorials for 7 years (tutoring our two very different children). The tutors are all excellent in their respective fields. In addition, they are intuitive and sensitive to the needs of each particular child. Both our children have always looked forward to working with their tutors. They have huge respect for them and feel grateful for all their help. What sets Achieve apart from the other programs is the leadership of Pete Edwards. He is smart, organized and driven ( Princeton Graduate)! He also insures the appropriate match of tutor with student. I can not imagine high school for our children without Achieve Tutorials!!!”

– Harvard Westlake Parent

“Achieve Tutorials has been a one stop shop for our four children. They have prepped our eldest for her SAT’s and GRE’s with great results. Our two middle children prepped for their ACT’s with Achieve and both were able to hit the mark on their test scores and attend the school of their choice. Achieve has helped the children with all of their subjects from Algebra to zoology and beyond.
We give them our highest possible recommendation. We have referred Achieve to many friends and they have had the same positive experiences.”

– Brentwood and Marlborough Parent

“I studied with Jay for two years and highly recommend him. Jay is the best! He has great knowledge of the subject matter and as well as a great knowledge of the course content. Thus, we were able to focus on exactly what I needed help with. He is the best tutor I have ever had and the results were great!”

– Loyola Student

“High school, particularly math and science classes, were a huge struggle for our daughter, but after working with Achieve Tutorials, she not only did much better in school (from a C to an A- in math), but she decided to become a science major in college! She was so inspired, and I can’t thank our tutor enough for making her confident in her own abilities. These guys are great!”

– Marymount Parent

“Audra worked with my son preparing for the ISEE. He loved working with Audra and improved enough to get into his first choice, Harvard Westlake! We’ll definitely use Achieve Tutorials again!”

– St. Matthew’s Parent

“Karla is superb — knowledgeable, explains things clearly, relates well to students, and has an encouraging attitude.”

– Harvard Westlake Parent

“Our two kids have worked with Pete and two or three other tutors from Achieve Tutorials for more than three years. They have excelled in school and my oldest is now showing great improvement on his ACT. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been incredibly supportive and has been able to push our kids into a greater understanding of their classes. They look forward to every meeting.”

– Brentwood Parent

“Jennifer is enthusiastic, encouraging, organized and neat. Very helpful!”

– Marlborough Parent

“Albert knows so much about Chemistry, and makes it so easy to understand. Thank you for all your help!”

– Palisades High Student

“My oldest son worked with Pete and Adam on SAT prep, and increased his score by 280 points. Adam worked with him on his college essay, and we were so pleased, we did it all again with our youngest son.”

– Brentwood Parent

“Pete is prompt, professional, and makes learning easy for my children. It is very rewarding to see the light bulb go on in their heads thanks to him. I highly recommend Achieve Tutorials.”

– Archer Parent

“I think our tutor is the best. I know my son got a good SAT score as a result of the exceptional tutoring provided by Achieve. With his grades and SAT scores he was accepted to UCLA and Harvard!”

– Loyola Parent

“I recommend Achieve Tutorials often and with confidence.”

– Brentwood and Marlborough Parent

“Thank you again for all your help preparing our daughter to do her best on the SAT! She was thrilled and, of course, we were so happy that she was able to get the results we always felt were realistic for her. Her increase of 250 points gave her the score she was hoping for.”

– Chadwick Parent

“My girls love Jay tutor and look forward to working with him every week, even though they normally don’t like math.”

– Brentwood Parent

“Rob has been so flexible with our daughter’s schedule. He is patient, knowledgeable, and helps her get through her assignments in a timely but understanding way.”

– Corpus Christi Parent

“Amy is patient and nice. Our daughter is making real progress.”

– Archer Parent

“Our tutor has encouraged our son to take more of an initiative in working his way through the college application process.”

– Harvard Westlake Parent

“We’re very happy with the prompt and efficient service.”

– Brentwood and Marlborough Parent