Test Prep

Ready and Steady Wins

Tests are not necessarily the best way to identify and or mark intelligence but they are the way the high schools, colleges and universities come up with a line in the sand. Fall below it and you probably don’t have a shot at getting accepted. Put up a record score and you will be considered. A test score alone cannot get you into the high school or college of your choice but it can absolutely keep you out. But tests can be funny. Knowing the material is one thing. Knowing the test is quite another.

We hear that a lot. And we know exactly what to do. Achieve tutors are test experts. They break down the structure of the tests, into manageable segments so that our students know exactly what to expect once the clock starts. We also teach strategies for how to approach multiple-choice questions. We show you how to eliminate obvious wrong answers, and how to make an educated guess when you just aren’t quite sure. Yes there are tricks. Yes we do know them. Yes, you will too.

Our individualized, one-on-one sessions focus only on what a student needs to know. We analyze the student’s strengths and weaknesses to create specific problem-solving strategies that demystify the process and encourage a calmer, more confident approach.

Whether you are preparing for a high school entrance, college placement, even graduate admissions tests, we will help you understand the material, know what will be expected of you and give you the confidence to demonstrate your excellence.