Entering a good college preparatory high school is no longer as simple as attending the public school in your neighborhood. Choosing a high school has become a much more stressful and involved process. Private schools require incoming students to take a standardized entrance exam in addition to submitting their middle school transcripts and teacher recommendations. This is often the longest and most stressful standardized test the student has ever taken and a little prep goes a long way.

Achieve Tutorials is one of the only providers of test prep for high school entrance exams in the city. We have studied the tests and adapted our proven test prep methodology to create strategies for middle schoolers to succeed.

The test of choice for admissions to most Los Angeles private high schools, the ISEE has been called the mini-SAT because the format and content of the test closely resembles the old SAT I.  Achieve has been at the forefront of SAT prep for nearly a decade and that knowledge has proven vital for the creation of our unique ISEE prep program.

Popular among Los Angeles Catholic high schools, the HSPT is an animal unto itself. Understanding the structure and content of the test is important, but understanding the methods and analysis helps students perform better than their less prepared counterparts can make the difference between acceptance and rejection.  Achieve has spent the time necessary to break this exam down into its components and create a game plan for our many students who are attracted to the Catholic Schools in the Los Angeles area.