Grades Matter

As much as we all would like to promote learning for learning’s sake the fact is that you are going to be tested, you are going to be judged on your performance and your ability to achieve your goals will depend on how well you do. Grades, ugh. They don’t define who you are but they can prove to be critical in determining your path.

Achieve is often brought in during a time of crisis: a falling grade, a huge assignment, an important final. Our tutors will help get you get that grade up and beat the final but not without targeting a greater goal. Even while preparing for a flash point, in any subject area, at any time of year, we work with you to build the critical thinking skills that are essential for creating a strategic approach to learning that will help avoid crises in the future.

For over ten years Achieve has guided students to success in every academic subject. From Kafka to Calculus; Algebra to AP European History; Honors French to AP Physics, we have experts that not only understand the material, they know how to package it in a way that makes the material accessible to all kinds of learners.