A Method to the Madness

More than rote memorization of facts, science is an attempt to explain the unexplainable to quantify the uncountable and to understand the unchangeable.  In all of the big three, biology, chemistry and physics, to excel you need knowledge and wonder.

  Our tutors know that memorization out of concept and without a connection to the underlying principles will leave students with random details they somehow cannot rely on to build a bridge towards deeper understanding.

Knowing the formula for magnetic flux is great, but understanding how flux relates to magnetic fields and areas is the only way for students to feel confident when solving a complex problem. Knowing the steps of the electron transport chain in cellular respiration is important, but recognizing its place in the entire energy cycle is critical.

We help students understand the underlying principles and how to apply them to problems in homework, on tests and APs. We create simple analysis skills that allow our students to break down complex problems quickly and efficiently so that they can tackle unfamiliar material with confidence.