Study Skills

We have a better way

Organization, time management, keeping track of due dates and making sure that you have all the materials you need when you need them is what a standard study skills curriculum tries to encourage by force of will. It is kind of a like a diet in which you list all of the things you know are not good for you and then try not to eat them.

At Achieve we look at study skills a little differently. We believe that in the rush to improve grades and memorize material for grades, entrance exams and standardized tests, parents and students can neglect nurturing the creative and analytical instincts that fuel the most vital part of studying: intellectual curiosity. Our tutors encourage the student’s curiosity and passions matching that eagerness to learn with the school curriculum, finding the intersection where interests and class assignments converge.

Whether it’s using an AP Physics lesson to explain why a curveball curves or using Shakespeare’s Henry IV to strengthen a paper for European History, a student finds that learning changes from being the burden of memorizing irrelevant facts and dates to a narrative that makes sense in understanding the world around.